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PSEG Updates theJerseyTomatoPress.com - 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov.3


I spoke to a contact at PSEG for about 20 minutes. Here is what I know:

1. They told me the flooding in their pump stations is historic; never ever had anything this big happen yet.

2. Why have we not seen an army of trucks around here?

They said it is because they are handling the "behind the scenes" pump station stuff first.

They said they have 3,000 works; 600 imports just for trees and 100 experts/imports just for flooded pump stations.

3. When can we get back power?


Our best forecast as of now is that we will have virtually all of our impacted customers restored to service within the next seven to 10 days. THE MAJORITY OF CUSTOMERS WILL BE RESTORED BEFORE THEN. There may still be isolated pockets of customers who have individual flooding or downed line issues that may take slightly longer.

Service Restoration Update: Currently about 73 percent of all PSE&G customers have power while 607,000 customers are still without power. At its peak, the storm impacted 1.7 million of PSE&G’s 2.2 million electric customers.

Click here for most recent news release.

Check out our current plan for restoration. We’ve prioritized work based on repairs that can get the largest number of customers restored first. Note that this is a fluid situation- plans could change given unexpected damage and conditions. We’ll update this plan once or twice a day. Please check back and remember to report emergencies and outages to us at 800-436-PSEG (7734). And, if your power was restored, then went back out, call it in again. There may be new damage that we need to know about.

Why is everyone being told the same Expected Time of Restoration (ETR)?


Residential Customers: 1 800-436-7734

Business Customers: 1-855-249-7734



The Restoration Process

N.J. Office of Emergency Management

disasterassitance.gov (FEMA)

PSE&G Works Hard to Restore Service After Hurricane Sandy

I was told it could be soon or Monday or as late as Friday. They would not commit to a specific time table or date per town. I think it is just overwhelming right now for them.

4. What happens if power is out and we get that cold front/storm next week?

3 people in town (one plumber, two homeowners) said to turn your water on just a bit, like a trickle, and they may not freeze. PSEG promised to get me advice too.

5. LOCAL REPORTING ON POWER: we have power in Caldwell trickling on: Hatfield, Forest, parts of Park ST. by High School too. Not sure who else; if you email me I will post for you all, any town, asap.

FEMA: met them a few minutes ago, a large team came into town and met with residents, and I spent some time giving a long list of what we

need help with and what our concerns are. Then, Mayor Dassing, who has been really working on PSEG non stop, took them around town to show them damage, etc.


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